Extended Landfall

The fracturing and distorted re imagining of shared and personal history...

Extended Landfall is the instinctive ‘knowing’ of oncoming land by ancient seafarers through sensory anomalies such as the smell of grass, the presence of particular animals, sea swells and so on, gathered well before any land is seen. It is in this moment that imaginings of place become charged with anticipatory emotions provoking fantastical and frightful potential.  


This work is set from my own view as the Australian daughter of an immigrant family who first arrived on the shores of Fremantle before settling in Australia.  It intersects perspectives of place and self with the fear and fantasy of location. Illumination, obstruction and redactions are played off against one another as a way of exploring the concept of Truth in the pursuit of a National Identity revealing the construction of histories and national / personal identities.  These identities result from experiences and emotions that are always in a state of torsion with ‘facts’.  Faults and inclusions as a mode of questioning validities, are retained (and sometimes added) further warping truths, memories and preconceptions of realities as well as indicating a mediated spectral presence of the memorist-artist.  


Through this remixing and re-figuring, I propose that imagined and unfixed modes of knowing about place-land-self offer new considerations for Identity by challenging our linear, muted and eroded colonist histories into uncanny porous states of being. 


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