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2016 PhD (Media Culture & Creative Arts), Curtin University

2007 Bachelor of Arts Honours (Internet Studies) (1st Class Hons) Curtin University

2003 Bachelor of Arts (Art) Curtin University

1998 Diploma in Visual Arts (Photography) RMIT VET, Victoria.


NAVA, Copyright Agency Australia, PCP (Perth Centre for Photography)


2018 CLIP Award, (group, finalist), Perth Centre for Photography, Subiaco, WA.

2018 Staff Room, (group), Edward Millen House, Victoria Park, WA.

2018 Extended Landfall, (solo), Perth Centre for Photography, Subiaco, WA.

2017 Staff Room, (group), Edward Millen House, Victoria Park, WA.

2007 BIOS 4,  IncuBra, Adam Fiannaca & Cynthia Verspaget, (group) CAAC, Sevilla, Spain.

2006 IncuBra, (group), TekniKunst06, Adam Fiannaca & Cynthia Verspaget, North Melbourne Town Hall

2006 1 minute Woodland Goddess, Avoiding Definition, (group) The projection Lounge, Northbridge, WA

2005 TerraSinda, BEAPWORKS 04, (group) John Curtin Gallery, Curtin University of Technology, WA

2004 TerraSinda, Data Difference, (group) Interactive virtual game world, spectrum art space, WA

2004 Apoptosis Now (short [time lapse film]) t-minus, A time lapse film festival, New York, USA.

2004 The Anarchy Cell Line, BioDifference - The political Ecology, (group), Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery, The University of Western Australia, WA

2002 TerraSinda, SofA (group), Degree Show, School Of Art, Curtin University of Technology, WA.

2002 Anarchy Dish, BIO FEEL, (group), PICA, Perth, WA

1997 CORPUS, BOND (group) ROAR Galleries, Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, VIC

1996 CORPUS, (solo) RMIT Union Arts Space II, RMIT, VIC

1996 Drei Kopfen, (group), ROAR Galleries, Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, VIC

1996 NEXUS, Excerpts (group) Graduation Exhibition, RMIT First Gallery, VIC

1995 TOUCH, (solo) Polyester Bookstore Gallery, Brunswick St Fitzroy, VIC

1995 CHRISTI, Fresh, (group), RMIT Steps Gallery, VIC


2016 Author: Creative Lab Monsters: Looking at BioArt Through the Lens of Ecofeminism, RUNWAY - Australian Experimental Art Journal, Issue #32

2016 Author: PhD Thesis: Unruly Bodies: Monstrous Readings of Biotechnology

2010 Work inclusion: Border Patrol: Artists Working at the Frontiers of Science and Technology, by Wilson Stephen, published by Thames & Hudson, discussion on The Anarchy Cell Line, with image and citations

2006 cited in Julie Clarkes paper: Corporeal Melange: Aesthetics and Ethics of Biomaterials in Stelarc and Nina Sellars ‘Blender’, Leonardo: Art and Science Journal

2006 Author: I am a bio artist, A MINIMA, Contemporary Visual and Conceptual Proposals, Art & Biology, Issue #18,

2006 Interview: JJJ/ABC radio, Sunday Nights Safran, with Father Bob December 10

2006 Interview: SBS Radio WORLDVIEW, IncuBra Interview in situ, December.

2006 Interview: SBS Radio Alchemy, IncuBra Interview @ SBS studios, Melbourne, December.

2004 Inclusion: CD-Rom anthology, Art, Biotechnologies & Artificial Life, produced and edited by The Groupe de recherche en arts médiatiques GRAM at Université du Québec à Montreal.

2003 Interview: JJJ, Interview with SymbioticA and resident artists September 2nd & 4th 2003

ALSO CITED IN: Bioart: Transformations Du Vivant, By Ernestine Daubner, Louise Poissant, 2012, p.107

/ Art Et Biotechnologies, edited by Louise Poissant, Ernestine Daubner, 2005, p.100 / New Realities: Being Syncretic: IXth Consciousness Reframed Conference Vienna 2008, p.308


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